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We've tried and tested our Sorb products to ensure quality and peace of mind. 

Our products are leak-proof, absorbent and won't leave stains. That we can guarantee. 


With our 5-layer technology, NOTHING is leaking out of our shorts even with the heaviest of flows. Sorb shorts have a middle gusset absorbent fabric to catch all things wet. Our quick drying layers make sure that no liquids leak through and ruin your day. 


Our 5-layer technology is not only leak-proof but incredibly absorbent, making sure that you don't have to worry while on your period. The first two layers of Sorb shorts gusset is made of an absorbent material that quickly soaks up any liquid. 

No Ordors, No Messes

With all those absorbent layers and quick drying action, there's no way stains can stand a chance. You won't have to worry about ordors with our breathable fabrics and anti-bacterial cotton. The gusset of the shorts is wide enough to catch everything thus making stains a thing of the past.